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Custom Calendars

Whether it’s a promotional calendar to get your brand seen year-round, or a family calendar to honor your history and heritage, we’ll print your calendar with the graphics and dates that are most important to you. Add your company’s logo and slogan. Add your family’s birthdays and anniversaries. Add reminders for any red-letter day you want to spotlight.

Higher Level offers four types of calendars, all fully customizable.

Choose the style that works best for you:

Higher Level logo (transparent).png

Business Card Calendars

Business Card Anchor

Our Business Card Calendars feature a 12-month calendar on one side, and custom text and images on the other side. Add your name, contact information, personal photo, or logo. 

Calendar business card front.jpg
2021 Business Card Calendar.jpg

Order your customized Business Card Calendar HERE

Planning Calendars

Planning Calendar Wall Anchor

Stay organized with our handy Planning Calendars. Our planning calendars feature customizable front and back covers, and come with extra pages for notes, contacts, birthdays, etc.

Higher Level Planners come in two different styles:

30-page "Streamlined Monthly" and 92-page "Expanded Weekly"

Basic Custom Planner Front Cover.jpg
Basic Custom Planner Back Cover.jpg
Planner Key Days pg.jpg
Planner July Pgs.jpg
Planner Contacts Pg.jpg
Planner Goals Tracker Pg.jpg
Planner At a Glance Pg.jpg
Planner Time Zones Pg.jpg

Order your customized Planning Calendar HERE

Single-Sheet Wall Calendars

Single-Sheet Wall Anchor

Our Single-Sheet Wall Calendars are perfect for displaying all your important dates at once. Choose from two varieties, each with four size options.

Custom Cal One Sided single sheet 2021.j
Custom Cal One Sided single sheet 2021-2

See the entire year at a glance with our one-sided wall calendars. Select from a variety of pre-made designs or create your own personalized calendar from scratch.

Custom Cal Two Sided single sheet Jan-Ju
Custom Cal Two Sided single sheet 2.jpg
Single Sheet 2 sided Custom Cal July-Dec

Our two-sided wall calendars are perfect for those looking to stay organized and save space. Each calendar displays six months on each side, along with one of our pre-made themes or your own custom words and image.

Order your customized Single-Sheet Wall Calendar HERE

Traditional Wall Calendars

Traditional Wall Anchor
2021 Custom_Cal_Back_Cover.jpg

Order your customized Traditional Wall Calendar HERE

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