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The Higher Level Blog showcases resources and tips for helping you reach a higher level. This is where you will also find news about contests, upcoming products, and more.

10 Reasons To Seek a Higher Level

(In no particular order.)

The main reason people don’t move to a higher level is they don’t recognize why they really need to. You probably need to move to a higher level if:

1. You just don’t like where you are, and you want better.

2. Sometimes you have to stand above the battle to see the path to victory.

3. Circumstances are suffocating you, and you need clearer, cleaner air to breathe.

4. Where you are has turned to quicksand and it’s sucking you under.

5. You’ve done all you can here and it’s time to move on.

6. You want to help someone else, and whether you have to pull them up, push them up, lift them up, or drag them along, you can’t do it without access to a higher level.

7. You’ve been given another shot at it, and you’ve got to step up your game this time or you’ll blow it.

8. You want something you don’t have and getting it requires something you don’t know how to do.

9. You have a plan that you’re working, and the next step is up.

10. You escaped from hell, and if you don’t want to go back, the only other way is up.

Every human person on this side of the grass has a dream, a desire, or a need that requires functioning at a higher level. Whether it involves . . .

. . . there is something you need to do better in order to have what you want, and what you deserve.


Coaching, consulting, training, and resources can help you take the next step to your higher level.

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• your spirit,

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