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Easter Eggs and Your New Life

On the first Sunday of this month my husband got a text from his cousin that said, “Happy New Year!” He thought his cousin was really confused because that Sunday was Easter. But I remember when I was little, old folks used to say Happy New Year and Happy Birthday at Easter time because Easter meant a brand new start and a chance at a brand new life. They said we had eggs because new life begins as an egg. I never did understand where the chocolate bunnies came in.

Anyway, that got me thinking about how eggs and new life relate to a higher level.

New life means new opportunity. Easter represents a time of second chances, an opportunity to get it right this time, to do it differently starting now. So it isn’t about just having eggs; it’s about what you do with them.

You can sit on eggs and take care of them and wait for them to grow and hatch into something more viable. What are you hatching? How will you know when it’s ready to break out of its shell? And are you prepared to get off of it so it can break into a new life? Then how will you take care of that new thing so it survives and grows?

Perhaps the quickest thing to do with eggs is boil them. Once they’re done, you can consume them as is, maybe with a little salt and pepper to make them more palatable, or you can cut them up and combine them with meat and vegetables and whatever you like to create a whole new thing like a nutritious salad. Do you need to jump on an opportunity now (boil it up quick), and what do you already have or what can you readily get (like salt and pepper) to make it easier to consume? What “meat” and “vegetables” are in your life that you can partner with to make your opportunity go farther?

You can use eggs as binder to hold other things together with the end result of creating something truly special like cake to sweeten life or bread to feed and sustain the soul. What new opportunities do you have to bind your dreams to your realities? And are you ready and willing to break some eggs to make it happen?

If you just hold on to an egg – not endeavoring to hatch it and not cooking up something with it – all it’s going to do is rot. Every time we start out to do something and don’t see it through, that’s a rotted egg.

As we come to the end of Easter month, I can’t help but consider the problem with 21st century Easter eggs is that most of them are not real eggs. The most popular sellers are not created by any life giving force and are not for a purpose of perpetuating a new life. Most Easter eggs today are primarily ceremonial. Either they are artificial eggs of pure refined sugar that produce no life and people often get sick from eating too many of them, or they are real eggs that people dye and decorate and look at for a short while, but never really use or do anything special with.

So the question is: What opportunity is still in your life? And what will you do with it to move to that higher level you want? Depending on the type of egg, it may take longer to hatch. And depending on the environment in which it is kept, it will last longer before it spoils.

You’ve still got a shot at a new start, or at least a new opportunity to restart.

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